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Sat, Nov. 13th, 2004, 12:17 pm
i still hate this week.

Last night:

.walking around downtown is nice with you
.its very cold
.your so hott looking all hardcore *giggle*
.last cigarette ever!
.wait..no..today is the last night we smoke
.i have my problems
.levi is so wonderful
.RUN with kelsey to the nest!
.woaaahhhhh its cool in here!!
.hey look, its kira!
.yea lets distract roxy
.holy fuckin shit! i have to put it out!
.FUCK i burned my finger
.dumbass fucking 'hardcore' kids i fucking hate them. if your so fuckin hardcore step up and be a fuckin man and admit that you did it bitch.
.levi's pissed, i'm pissed.
.i want to fuckin go up to fuckin Brandon Horton and that fucker Kenny and fuckin kick their asses
.i reasoned that i'm a little girl, and can't fight..so..better not.
.the odds are against levi, so no matter how good he can fight...it would be pointless
.i fuckin hate soundstage
.i fucking HATE it.

the end.