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Fri, Nov. 19th, 2004, 03:36 pm
7 days bitch!

ten things i love that doesnt include levi:

1.vanilla coke
2.the bagpipes
3.christmas music
4.coco puffs
5.my birthday
8.black undergarmets *giggle*
9.when the leaves change colour
10.playing in leaves

Ten things i hate

1.fatty foods
2.when your nose is stuffy and you can't breathe
3.annoying music
4.when i am not on time or early for something
5.when i cannot find the remote control in my room
6.when my breath runs away from me and i cant breathe very well
7.doing the dishes
9.hot weather
10.olive green

When i told people at school today that for my birthday me and levi are going to the zoo. Almost everyone of them said "OH MY GOD ROXANNE DON'T HAVE SEX AT THE ZOO!" YEAAA like i was GOING to. but i guess if you've listened to my 'stories' as people like to call them..i guess you'd think i was planning to have sex at the zoo too. YEa IM NOT! lol

in the end, my birthday is in 7 days, i still love levi like you wouldn't believe,i smell yummy, and i WONT be having sex in front of the animals.